Poster session

Poster session

We aim to increase the exposure and significance of the Posters at the MCWASP conference. In the process of selecting Oral and Poster contributions, we have therefore considered them of the same scientific significance, and have strived to distribute topics as well as presenters between the two presentation formats. We now want to challenge senior researchers as well as PhD students to make the most of Posters and Teasers, and explore new ways of presenting their research.

On three of the conference days, about 20 posters will be put on display. All the 20 posters will be put up in the morning and will be up the entire day. Of these, 10 Posters will have a Teaser in the Teaser session. The remaining 10 posters will instead have a first row display in the conference hall.

In the afternoon there will be a dedicated Poster session with mingle, where all the poster authors have the chance to discuss and present their Posters.

Printing of posters

In order to facilitate for our travelling participants, the local organizers will arrange the printing of the posters in Jönköping as well as the transportation of posters to the conference venue. Poster authors must therefore upload their posters in good time before the conference, at the latest 15 May 2020.

Formatting of posters

All posters should be prepared using the MCWASP Poster template (provided soon).

All posters will be printed in the size 70x100 cm.

Submit your poster

Instructions for submission of posters will be provided here in January 2020.

Poster awards

Each day the audience will have the chance to vote, and an award for Poster of the Day will be announced.

At the end of the conference, a Best Poster will also be announced. This Poster will be selected by the Poster committee based on both the scientific level and the overall quality of the Poster.

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