Conference Program

Preliminary Program (constantly updated, visit back to get the latest news)

Sunday, 29th September 2019: Arrivals and Welcome
Location: Jönköping International Business School


Informal meet-up & Tour of Jönköping


Get-together & private dinner

Monday, 30th September 2019: PRME Chapters & Working Groups
Location: Jönköping International Business School
Room: B3008


Registration opens, coffee served


A word of welcome by Guénola A-H Nonet

PRME working groups, DACH, Nordic, Benelux Chapters


Coffee break


Parallel Program options in room B3008:

(a)  PRME Cross Chapters and cross working groups session

(b) Cross working groups session on toolkit development


Networking Lunch - B3008


Parallel Program options:


 (a) Workshop: Shaping the future of RME
     Milenko Gudić & Guénola Nonet - Room B3008 

14:00 - 15:30

(b) Yoga & self-awareness session - Studio (2nd floor)

13:30 - 16:30

(c) Carbon Literacy Training (with certificate of completion), Parts 1&2 - Room B7030

      Petra Molthan-Hill,


Free Time


Welcoming Tour & Fusion Buffet at Circular Centre external link, opens in new window(Brahegatan 46, 553 34)
Meeting up point: JIBS entrance B at 17:30

Tuesday, 1st October 2019: RMER Conference Day 1
Location: Jönköping International Business School
Room: B1014


Registration opens


Welcome & opening of the conference
Anna Blömback,
JIBS Associate Dean of Education Guénola A-H Nonet, JIBS Champion for Responsibility in Action, Jönköping University Sustainability & Diversity Network Leader, Conference Chair

Milenko Gudić & Lutz E. Schlange, RMER conference committee


The Conference's Carbon footprint

Guénola A-H Nonet, Stef Van Dongen


Multistakeholder Engagement & the SDGs

Plenary session with Rob Van Tulderexternal link, opens in new window, Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University 


Networking Coffee Break & RMER Poster Session - outside B1014

10:30 - 11.40

Session 1 : Parallel Tracks

Track 1:

Relevant and Impact-Oriented Research to Support Multi-stakeholder Collaboration for Poverty Alleviation

Chaired by: Carole Parkesexternal link, opens in new window (University of Winchester) & Al Rosenbloomexternal link, opens in new window (Dominican University), Milenko Gudic - Room B1014

"Inclusive business and the case of the sustainable point - Consumption in favor of the SDGs" Norman Neto (ISAE Brasil) and Rodrigon Titon (Crasa Infraestrutura) 

"Mumpreneurs: Gender (in)equality and women entrepreneurship", by Lucia Naldi ( JIBS), Magdalena Markowska (JIBS) & Helene Ahl (Jönköping University HLK).

"The role of Agenda 2030 or Transformative Change of Business Societal Practice", by Samuel Petros Sebhatu, Bo Enquist (Karlstad University).

"The transformative power of the sustainable development goals for small businesses in global value chains", by Nicolás Gambetta (Universidad ORT Uruguay) and Robyn Eversole (Swinburne University)

10:30 -

Track 1:2

Carbon Literacy Training (with certificate of completion), Part 3 of 4
Chair: Petra Molthan-Hill -
Room B7030

11:40 - 12:00

JU Shaping our Future Festival Opening,

School of Education & Communication (HLK) Building  - Main Hall

12:00 - 12:30

JU Urban Farming Tour, HLK Building Main Hall

12:30 - 13:30

Networking Lunch, HLK Building - Orangeriet

Dean Jerker Moodysson'external link, opens in new windows word of welcome

13:45- 15:00

Session 2 - Parallel Tracks

13:45 - 15:00

Track 2.1: Workshop/Roundtable - Creating a narrative that matters - Room B3008

In this creative workshop, Umesh Mukhi (Sao Paulo School of Business Administration) invites you to use storytelling to:

1. Reflect and craft the stories of your RME initiatives

2. Narrate these stories to fellow changemakers

3. Engage in active listening and Appreciative inquiry

4. Re-think future about Individual and collective initiatives (RME)

13:45 - 15:00

Track 2.2: Business Schools as force for positive change - Reports from the inside - Room B1014

In this lively and interactive session, Rob van Tulderexternal link, opens in new window (International Business, Rotterdam School of Management) and Eva Roodexternal link, opens in new window (director, Positive Change Initiative, RSM) will share learnings, insights and challenges that came with the implementation of RSM’s mission, we are a force for positive change in the world, using the SDGs as a framework for what positive change in the world means. We look forward to your ideas, critical reflections and feedback!

13:45 - 15:00

Track 2.3: Struggles and Successes in the Creation of an Anti-Poverty Toolkit by the UN PRME Anti-Poverty Toolkit Working Group - Room B3053

Tay Keong Tan


Networking Coffee Break - Room B3008

15:30 - 17:00

Session 3: Parallel Tracks

Track 3.1: Teaching/Learning: Developing Multi-stakeholder Collaboration Mindsets and Capabilities for Poverty Alleviation and Advancement of the UN 2030 Agenda Room B1014

Chaired by Carole Parkes and Al Rosenbloom

"A Model for Integrating Sustainability in Management Education at HEI", by Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan (Copenhagen Business School) and Anne-Karen Hueske (Technische Universitaet Dresden).

"Providing Students Insights into Stakeholders' Claims and Priorities" by Divya Singhal (Goa Institute of Management).

"Exploring Pedagogical Approaches for the Development of Students Key Competences for Sustainable Development: Sustainability as a Path to Students' Future Employability", by Karin Alm & Maria Melén (Faculty of Business, Kristianstad University).

15:30 - 16:30

Track 3.2: Journal of Business Ethics Call for Special Issue - Room B3053

Feedbacks, Q&A, suggestions & support

Rob Van Tulder, Guénola Nonet

15:30 - 16:30

Track 3.3: Talking v Walking: Impact of RME - Room B3008
Round table session on RME impact reporting and metrics

Lutz E. Schlange

15:30 - 18:00

Track 3.4: Carbon Literacy Training (with certificate of completion), Part 4 of 4 - B7030

by Petra Molthan-Hill


Free time


Conference Dinner at Spira

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019: RMER conference Day 2

Location: Jönköping Internation Business School

8:15 - 8.45

Yoga & self-awareness session - B3008

9:00 - 10:30

Plenary panel: What can business schools learn from other stakeholders? Room B1014

Plenary panel with Rob van Tulder, Mariana Morosanu and Stef Van Dongen, facilitated by Martina Leonelli


Networking Coffee Break and RMER Poster Session (cont’d) - outside room B1014

11:00 - 12:30

Session 4: Parallel tracks

Track 4.1: Supporting learning with collaborative ecosystems
Seminar/workshop, Joe Hays - Room B3008

Track 4.2: Transforming educational institutions and strengthening their collaborating abilities for the SDGs
Guénola Nonet
& Gustavo Yepes - Room B1014

Track 4.3: Growing and Sustaining an Anti-Poverty Toolkit by the UN PRME Anti-Poverty Toolkit Task Force - Room B3053

Tay Keong Tan


Networking Lunch, Orangeriet (HLK)

13:45 - 15:00

Plenary Session with Dan Leclair, CEO of Global Business School Network (GBSN)

15:00 - 15:30

Networking Coffee Break and RMER Poster Session (cont’d) - outside room B1014

15:30 - 17:00

Multistakeholder Engagement & SDGs: Business Schools, next steps

(Plenary session) - Room B1014


Closing remarks

Outlook: 7th RMER conference 2020

Your registration includes access to Thursday, 3rd October 2019:

Jönköping University + Science Park Sustainability & Diversity Day & Award Ceremony
Location: Jönköping University (separate program), click hereexternal link, opens in new window


Please contact the Program Chair

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