Photos in the image library are free to use for publication purposes relating to the researcher and their work, if the photographer is attributed. Please state photographer Patrik Svedberg, unless otherwise indicated. Click each image for a high-res jpg.

School of Health and Welfare

Karin Enskär

Paul Batalden

Anna Dahl Aslan

Bo Malmberg

Maria Faresjö

Eleonor Fransson

Pia Bülow

Sofia Kjellström

School of Education and Communication

Ellen Almers

Marco Nilsson

Tobias Samuelsson

Claire Lindström

Anette Svensson

Mikael Segolsson

Helene Ahl

Cecilia Bjursell

Jönköping International Business School

Charlotta Mellander

Ethel Brundin

Johan Klaesson

Leif Melin

Leona Achtenhagen

Mattias Nordqvist

Anders Melander

Özge Öner

School of Engineering

Per Hilletofht

Attila Dioszegi

Fredrik Elgh

Ingvar L. Svensson

Salem Seifeddine

Myriam Aries

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