Leadership Team

Jönköping International Business School is led by a Leadership Team. This consists of the Dean, the three Associate Deans (Education, Research, and Faculty) with responsibility for the core processes, and Operations Manager.

Dean and Managing Director

Associate Dean of Research

Daniel Pittino

This role is responsible for research and doctoral education and oversees the following:

  • Implementing JIBS strategic priorities in research and doctoral education and fostering new research initiatives among faculty
  • Maintaining and improving the quality and effectiveness of JIBS research and doctoral programmes, including evaluation of on-going and new activities
  • Developing and monitoring the budget for research and doctoral education, including the allocation of internal grants
  • Leading the curriculum development of doctoral programmes
  • Coordinating the activities of JIBS’ research centres with other research activities and projects

Associate Dean of Education

Naveed Akhter

This role is responsible for the bachelor and master’s level curriculum for degree programmes, including:

  • Implementing JIBS strategic priorities in education and foster new educational initiatives
  • Allocating resources for courses
  • Holding budget responsibilities for educational activities

Associate Deans of Faculty

Lars Pettersson
Anette Johansson

This role oversees human resource issues for faculty, including schedules, leaves of absence, annual evaluations, holidays, training and development, and other administrative issues.

The responsibilities include:
  • Personnel responsibility for faculty members (for full professors, this responsibility is shared with the Dean)
  • Personnel responsibility for PhD candidates (working closely with the Director of PhD candidates)
  • Implementing JIBS strategic priorities and fostering new initiatives among faculty colleagues
  • Tracking and supporting formal competence development of faculty.
  • Allocating resources related to faculty activities outside of research and education

Associate Dean Strategic Initiatives

Anna Blombäck

This role works closely together with the other Leadership Team members, to ensure that JIBS’ operations are guided by and continuously developed in line with its mission and long-term objectives. This includes to:

  • Support the Dean in the development and implementation of JIBS’ mission and strategy
  • Monitor the progression towards determined strategic objectives and annual action plans
  • Manage development and implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Overall responsibility for UKÄ, AACSB and EFMD accreditation processes and efforts

Operations Manager

Ann Stigestad

This role is responsible forJIBS internal operational staff and coordination of JIBS activities with JU’s University Services, the company that handles many university-wide HR, financial control, operational, and marketing matters. The responsibilities of the Operations Manager include:

  • Supporting the Dean with Action Planning and monitoring, including coordination with JU strategy
  • Supporting the Dean in interacting with the unions, safety office, work environment committee, and JU President’s Office
  • Ensuring effective and efficient fulfilment of services from University Services
  • Ensuring JIBS compliance and cooperation with JU’s administrative rules and policies
  • Personnel responsibility for JIBS operational staff (coordinators and administrators)

Content updated 2019-11-13

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